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LPD(Linear Parameter Dependent) System Modeling and Control of Mobile Soccer Robot

Jin-Shik Kang and Chul Woo Rhim*
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 1, no. 2, pp.243-251, 2003

Abstract : In this paper, a new model for mobile soccer robot, a type of linear system, is presented. A controller, consisting of two loops the one of which is the inner state feedback loop designed for stability and plant be well conditioned and the outer loop is a well-known PI controller designed for tracking the reference input, is suggested. Because the plant, the soccer robot, is parameter dependent, it requires the controller to be insensitive to the parameter variation. To achieve this objective, the pole-sensitivity as a pole-variation with respect to the parameter variation is defined and design algorithms for state-feedback controllers are suggested, consisting of two matrices one of which is for general pole-placement and other for parameter insensitive. This paper shows that the PI controller is equivalent to the state feedback and the cost function for reference tracking is equivalent to the LQ cost. By using these properties, we suggest a tuning procedure for the PI controller. We that the control algorithm in this paper, based on the linear system theory, is well work by simulation, and the LPD system modeling and control are more easy treatment for soccer robot.

Keyword : LPD system, modeling, PI, soccer robot, pole placement, pole sensitivity.

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