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Tension Based 7 DOFs Force Feedback Device: SPIDAR-G

Seahak Kim/ Yasuharu Koike / Makoto Sato
Transaction on Control Automation, and Systems Engineering, vol. 4, no. 1, pp.9-16, 2002

Abstract : In this paper, we intend to demonstrate a new intuitive force-feedback device for advanced VR applications. Force feedback for the device is tension based and is characterized by 7 degrees of freedom (DOF); 3 DOF for translation, 3 DOF for rotation, and 1 DOF for grasp). The SPIDAR-G (Space Interface Device for Artificial Reality with Grip) will allow users to interact with virtual objects naturally by manipulating two hemispherical grips located in the center of the device frame. We will show how to connect the strings between each vertex of grip and each extremity of the frame in order to achieve force feedback. In addition, methodologies will be discussed for calculating translation, orientation and grasp using the length of 8 strings connected to the motors and encoders on the frame. The SPIDAR-G exhibits smooth force feedback, minimized inertia, no backlash, scalability and safety. Such features are attributed to strategic string arrangement and control that results in stable haptic rendering. The design and control of the SPIDAR-G will be described in detail and the Space Graphic User Interface system based on the proposed SPIDAR-G system will be demonstrated. Experimental results validate the feasibility of the proposed device and reveal its application to virtual reality

Keyword : Haptic Interface, Human Interface Device, Space Graphic User Interface, Grasp manipulation

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