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Development of a Master-Slave System for Active Endoscope Using a Multi-DOF Ultrasonic Motor

Kenjiro Takemura/Dai Harada/Takashi Maeno
Transaction on Control Automation, and Systems Engineering, vol. 4, no. 1, pp.17-22, 2002

Abstract : Endoscopes for industrial and medical fields are expected to have multi degree-of-freedom (DOF) motions. A multi-DOF ultrasonic motor we developed consists of a spherical rotor and a bar-shaped stator, and the rotor rotates around three perpendicular axes using three natural vibration modes of the stator. In this study, a multi-DOF unilateral master-slave system for active endoscope using the multi-DOF ultrasonic motor is developed. The configurations of master and slave arms for a ctive endoscope are similar, so that an operator can easily handle the master-slave system. First, driving characteristics of the multi-DOF ultrasonic motor are measured in order to design the slave arm and its controller. Next, the master arm and the slave arm are designed. Then, the unilateral feedback contro ller for the master-slave system is developed. Finally, the motion contro l tests of rotor are conducted. As a result, the possibility of the endoscope is confirmed.

Keyword : ultrasonic motor, master-slave system, multi-DOF actuator, endoscope, control

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