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Mobile Robot with Artificial Olfactioy Function

Jeong Do Kim/Hung Gi Byun/Chul Ho Hong
Transaction on Control Automation, and Systems Engineering, vol. 3, no. 3, pp.223-228, 2001

Abstract : have been developed an intelligent mobile robot with an artificial olfactory function to re cognize odours and to track odour source location. This mobile robot also has been installed an engine for speech recognition and synthesis, and is controlled by wireless communication. An artificial olfactory system based on array of 7 gas sensors has been installed in the mobile robot for odour recognition, and 11 gas sensors also are located in the bottom of robot to track odour sources. 3 optical sensors are also included in the intelligent mobile robot, which is driven by 2 D.C. motors, for clash avoidance in a way of direction toward an odour source. Throughout the experimental trails, it is confirmed that the intelligent mobile robot is capable of not only the odour recognition using artificial neural network algorithm, but also the tracking odour source using the step-by-step approach method. The preliminary results are promising that intelligent mobile robot, which has been developed, is applicable to service robot system for environmental monitoring, localization of odour source, odour tracking of hazardous areas etc.

Keyword : artificial olfactory system, electronic nose, odour recognition and tracking

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