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Feasible Scaled Region of Teleoperation Based on the Unconditional Stability

Dal-Yeon Hwang/ Blake Hannaford/ Hyoukryeol Choi
Transaction on Control Automation, and Systems Engineering, vol. 4, no. 1, pp.32-37, 2002

Abstract : Applications of scaled telemanipulation into micro or nano world that shows many different features from directly human interfaced tools have been increased continuously. Here, we have to consider many aspects of scaling such as force, position, and impedance. For instance, what will be the possible range of force and position scaling with a specific level of performance and stability? This knowledge of feas ible scaling region can be critical to human operator safety. In this paper, we show the upper bound of the product of force and position scaling and simulation results of 1DOF scaled system by using the Llewellyn’s unconditional stability in continuous and discrete domain showing the effect of sampling rate.

Keyword : scaled telemanipulation, force and position scaling, Llewellyn’s unconditional stability, sampling rate

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