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The Communication Method at the Auto-Startup Systems using TCP/IP and VXI and Expert System(G2)

Jung Soo Kim/Joon Lyou
Transaction on Control Automation, and Systems Engineering, vol. 1, no. 2, pp.141-146, 1999

Abstract : This paper describes the communication method of an auto-startup system. The Auto Startup system is designed to operate a nuclear power plant automatically during the startup operation. In general, the operations during startup in existing plant have only been manually controlled by operator. The manual operation caused to the operation caused to the operator mistake. The Auto-Startup system consists of the Distributed Control System(DCS) and G2(Expert system). Also, Functional Test Facility(FTF0 provides the plant’s real-data for an Auto-Startup system. So, it is necessary to develop the communication method between these systems. We developed two method: one is a network and the other is a hardwire line. To communicate between these systems(DCS-G2 and DCS-FTF), we developed the communication program. In case of DCS-FTF, we used the TCP/IP and VXI But, ifn case of DCS-G2,we what it callied, developed the bridge program using the…….

Keyword : Distributed Control System(DCS) , VXI , inter Process Communication(IPC)

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