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Fault Detection System Design and HILS Evaluation for the Smart UAV FCS

Yoonsu Nam, Huyeong Jang, Sung Kyung Hong, and Sungsu Park
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 5, no. 1, pp.104-109, 2007

Abstract : This paper is about a redundancy management system design for the Smart UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) which utilizes the tilt-rotor mechanism. In order to meet the safety requirement on the PLOC (probability of loss of control) of per flight hour for FCS (flight control system) failures, a digital FCS is mechanized with a dual redundant structure. A fault detection system which is composed of a CCM (cross channel monitor) and analytic redundancy using the Kalman filtering is designed, and its effectiveness is evaluated through experiments. A threshold level and persistence count for managing redundant sensors are designed based on the statistical analysis of the FCS sensors. To increase the survivability of the UAV after the loss of critical sensors in the SAS (stability augmentation system) and to provide reference information for a tie-breaking condition at which an ILM (in-line monitor) cannot distinguish the faulty channel between two operating ones, the Kalman filter approach is investigated.

Keyword : Cross channel monitor, fault detection, hardware in the loop simulation, Kalman filtering, stability augmentation system.

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