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Non-Symmetric Unscented Transformation with Application to In-Flight Alignment

Kwangjin Kim and Chan Gook Park
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 8, no. 4, pp.776-781, 2010

Abstract : To overcome the extended Kalman Filter (EKF) limitation, the unscented transformation (UT) was developed as a method to propagate mean and covariance information through nonlinear transformation. However, the ordinary UT has both local and global sampling problems. In this paper, non-symmetric unscented transformation (NSUT) is proposed to solve these problems. The sigma point sets of the NSUT are non-symmetrically located with respect to the zeroth sigma point set which is equal to the prior mean. Then, the weights of the sigma points are derived by using some conditions for mean and covariance. The non-symmetric unscented Kalman filter (NSUKF) based on the sigma points and weights of the NSUT are applied to the in-flight alignment (IFA) with a large heading error. With a low cost MEMS IMU, the simulations are carried out at an S-type trajectory to analyze the per-formance of the proposed method.

Keyword : EKF, In-flight alignment, INS, NSUKF, NSUT.

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